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The Flashbulb - Piety Of Ashes

The Flashbulb returns with his most ambitious release to date, spanning 3 years and a move across country. The tools include robotic rhythm machines, personally developed hardware and software synthesis, months of field recording, and dozens of orchestral and choir performers seemingly blended Jordan's signature production ethic.

The special edition pre-order has sold out! 

The special edition tangibly accompanies the work that went into the album. It is a custom, handmade, finished wooden box made from recycled wood. Inside is naturally green wood excelsior made from recycled wood from a mill that is 100% powered by a river turbine. 

We are proud to say that both the CD and special edition are completely carbon neutral products when they reach your doorstep, and that includes offsetting packaging and shipping. 

The Flashbulb - Piety Of Ashes - CD
Ships: September 1st, 2017
Tracks: 17
Runtime: 52:47