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The Flashbulb - Hardscrabble

$9.99 - $19.99
The Flashbulb's latest effort, titled "Hardscrabble" after the area in Chicago where he's been expanding the Alphabasic empire, is a pleasantly unexpected return to his more challenging and hyper-creative endeavors last seen in releases like Kirlian Selections and Flexing Habitual. The only common quality that Hardscrabble's songs share is unorthodox time signatures, microtonal piano melodies, and the most accomplished synthesis that we've seen from Jordan, in both analog and computerized flavors. 

 Genre: Electronic, Acid, IDM, Drum And Bass

Deluxe edition includes:
- A 4x4 inch blue and black "The Flashbulb Tree" patch.
- A signed, one of a kind photograph from the Hardscrabble area taken with a disposable camera by Benn.
Only 200 available!
- A download code for the album in whatever format you can think of.