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  • Bartel - Phantom Island

    Three new Bartel tracks grace this ultra limited edition CD. How limited? Well, the cover art is a scan of a large painting by Emily Nixon, later cut up into small square flaps and sealed...


  • Bartel - Self Titled

    2009 - CD - 7 Tracks Genre: ambient/electronica


  • Bartel - Shadows

    The wait is over.For 5 years Alphabasic and fans have been impatiently waiting for Andrew Harris to release his anticipated full length album, and it's finally here. The result?The album is an incredible journey that warrants...


  • Bartel - Subrupt EP

    Lovely, hand-crafted, very limited CD version of this mini-album. 2010 - Handcrafted & Numbered CD-R - 4 tracks Genre: electronic/ambient


  • Benn Jordan - Pale Blue Dot

    A Tribute To Carl Sagan 2008 - CD - 18 Tracks Genre: ambient/cinematic


  • Five Step Path - Illiterate Love Poems

    This product will ship Wedsneday, December 12th, 2012.  We are pleased to announce the debut album from Five Step Path, his analog style production and poetic melodies have pleased many of ears in his live...

    $9.99 - $11.99

  • Human Action Network - Welcome To Chicago

     2007 - CD - 21 Tracks Genre: acid house, dance


  • Kettel - My Dogan

    2006 - CD - 18 Tracks Genre: electronic/classical


  • Kettel - Myam James, Part1

     2008 - CD - 11 Tracks Genre: electronic/classical


  • Phoenecia - Echelon Mall

    2010 - CD - 8 Tracks Genre: ambient/experimental


  • Teig - A Guilty Existence (Ships March 21st, 2016)

    Teig (Derek Roberts) is a producer from Chicago whose releases started on the techno side of the playing field, but gradually took a detour into outer space. A Guilty Existence is a complicated, emotional collage...


  • The Flashbulb - Arboreal (Low Stock!)

    The long awaited follow-up to Soundtrack To A Vacant Life 2010 - CD - 17 Tracks Genre: cinematic/electronicNote: This is the last remaining box of the original pressing. It will likely be sold out soon....

    $14.99 - $24.99

  • The Flashbulb - Compositions For Piano

    Compositions For PianoCD - 15 Tracks.Ships April 1st, 2015 Orders before April 2nd, 2015 will receive Bandcamp codes on release day, delivered to the email address supplied to us for the order. With solo piano pieces sprinkled...


  • The Flashbulb - Hardscrabble

    The Flashbulb's latest effort, titled "Hardscrabble" after the area in Chicago where he's been expanding the Alphabasic empire, is a pleasantly unexpected return to his more challenging and hyper-creative endeavors last seen in releases like...

    $9.99 - $19.99

  • The Flashbulb - Love As A Dark Hallway

    Completed in Chicago over the course of the last 6 months, Benn Jordan's newest album offers a change of pace from his usual releases under The Flashbulb monicker. Instead of lengthy and diverse blends of...

    $9.99 - $18.99

  • The Flashbulb - Nothing Is Real

    Nothing Is RealCD - 22 Tracks. 64 MinutesShips May 12th, 2014Nothing Is Real, written and recorded between early 2012 and 2014, is described by Benn Jordan as a "homage, or soundtrack to chronic derealization and depersonalization...


  • The Flashbulb - Opus At The End Of Everything

    The Flashbulb's long awaited full-length followup to the likes of Soundtrack To A Vacant Life and Arboreal. 25 tracks. 74 Minutes.  Preorders will ship on Feb 7th.  Special edition version includes a 7.75X5.75" 25 page...

    $13.99 - $25.99

  • The Flashbulb - Resent And The April Sunshine Shed

    2002 - CD - 20 Tracks Genre: IDM/electronica


  • The Flashbulb - Solar One (Preorder)

    Solar OneLimited Edition CD - 1 Track. 60 MinutesLimited to 500 copies.Ships May 12th, 2014Solar One is the result of research through trial and error, effectively composing music using theta waves and autonomous sensory meridian response as the primary tools....


  • The Flashbulb - Soundtrack To A Vacant Life

    2008 - CD - 31 Tracks genre: cinematic/avant-garde